Direct sales

We sell eggs straight from the henhouses from two addresses:
Kojonkulmantie 183, Alastaro and Saarenmaantie 95, Orisuo.

Directions to Alastaro’s Henhouse >>
Directions to Orisuo’s Henhouse >>

The price of the eggs is 3 € / carton which has 30 eggs. The door marked Suoramyynti (Direct sales) is always open. Please bring exact change. Let us know a couple days before if you are buying a big batch (more than 5 cartons).

We deliver transilluminated non-classified eggs to nearby stores as well. There’s three different packages available: a green Kotimuna-carton which holds 10 eggs, a carton suitcase which holds 30 eggs and a carton which holds 30 eggs.

Call and ask our prices!