Our hygienic work can be seen right from the henhouse’s doorstep. We prevent animal deceases with daily routines. Outdoor shoes will be changed after the barrier into cleaner footwear. Shoes will be changed after every animal shed in order to prevent the outdoor bacteria and viruses to threaten the hen’s health. You are not allowed to visit different henhouses by using the same footwear, gloves or working clothes.

You may see specific places in the henhouse to be used to control the rodents, because mice can spread efficiently many animal deceases dangerous to chicken.

As on the most of Finnish farms we have never got any case of salmonella. Every egg producer takes samples three times a year from every chicken flock’s production space. Suomen Siipikarjaliitto has made the testing simple by providing the testing and package material directly to the farms. However, all the testing cost will be paid by the farmer.

In Finland, our hens are healthy. We don’t use any antibiotics. We also need very few vaccinations: chicken only get two (marek and gumboro), in some cases three (AE).

We take care of the hygiene by washing hands, disinfecting, providing the visitors with protection clothes and by cleaning all the levels regularly.