We have invested in the animal’s welfare by changing into aviary systems. In a multilevel barn system the hens have a possibility to run, jump and fly freely.

In the aviary system the chicken feet stay healthy and days as active. Exercising consumes more energy and therefore the hens eat more food as well.

From the producer’s point of view the barn house production is always more expensive as a choice. The production percentage will never reach the same figures as in the battery production.

On the other hand, the eggs from the nests are very clean and white. After laying their eggs, birds leave the nest to drink, eat, jump and walk around.

Adjusting of lighting takes much professionalism and experience by the owner, in order to avoid any new stress factors for the birds. For example, we avoid any bright spots on the floor. Also air-condition is modern and efficient, which on its part will keep the birds healthy and sound.

In Finland, as well as in Sweden, debeaking is never allowed.

Over the years, we have tried different additional stimulus such as small colored balls to roll around, oats and carrots to peck. The hens have liked both cleaned carrots and whole grain as an extra snack.

And what is even more important: searching of whole grain keeps the birds very busy and gives them a lot to do.