An egg is a valuable package of protein and nutrition. Many athletes speak for an egg as a fuel for their muscles. Egg protein contains all the amino acid that a human being needs.

In recent years cholin, luthein and zeaxanthin among others have been ”found” in an egg. Cholin is vital for a growing baby, who needs it for metabolism of muscles, producing the cell membranes, developing the formation of the brains and memory – there is a lot of cholin besides an egg in the breast milk. Luthein and zeaxanthin act as eye protecting antioxidants, among other things.

We Finns can feast on soft boiled and fried eggs. We can bake egg foams and taste pastries with children.

This is not evident anywhere else than in the Nordic countries.
Elsewhere in Europe, also occurs for humans dangerous strains of salmonella. There are about 2000 different types of salmonella viruses. In some parts of the European countries, salmonella contamination of eggs is even in a figure of 70%.